Wednesday, September 21, 2016


              A manly man is someone who is not scared to take risks or pushing the limit, but scared of being ordinary

and not fulfilling their goal. This video shows what masculinity is for many reasons. Pete, a competitive eater, is the

definition of a strong man. He is clearly extremely buff, he eats a lot, and works out a lot. Just by his appearance, he

is more masculine than most men, in the sense that he is muscular. He takes his profession extremely seriously and

always tries to push himself as hard as possible. Pete is entertaining and mesmerizing, it is astonishing how fast he can eat. 

            He demonstrates how hard he works every time he completes a task. In this particular video, he challenged

himself to eat 10 Brazilian Pastels in under five minutes, which is hard for anyone to accomplish. However, he

completed his goal in under 90 seconds. Although it seems impossible, he makes it work and never slows down, not

even on the last one because he is so determine in being the best he can possibly be.This shows masculinity because

men are known as the gender who eat more and who eat faster. However,  Pete is different, not even the average

male can do what he does. He proves himself every time he sets out to do another competition.

           He is extremely brave to even attempt eating ten Pastels in under 90 seconds. He could easily choke or get

sick due to he violent tactics he uses to finish the food. There are countless risks to what he is doing but he thinks

more about the positive then the negative outcomes, which is a very important trait a manly man needs. Pete

experiences physical pleasure through defeating the food on his plate. Pete's determination in life will always lead

him to success, which is how every person should be.

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